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If you’d like to find our more about how we work on our Polish translations and Polish and English texts, or find out how much it would cost to translate your content drop us a message and don’t forget to send more information about the potential job.

Useful information for requesting a quote


How much text there is to translate, and what type of a translation is it? Is it a video? A document? Or maybe something else?


To know how much a translation is going to cost, we have to assess how much time it would take us to translate – how often we’d need to check terms or read up on things and how difficult it is to implement correctly.


When does the translation have to be delivered? Do we have a lot of time, or do we have to put our other work/life on hold and get right to it!


All additional information, such as – should we create glossaries or mini-dictionaries, do we need specialized software to open and edit it and so on.

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