July 26, 2016


Among other things, we translate books, stories, articles, academic studies, offers, leaflets and documents.

Apart from providing Polish translation services we can also create a design for your English or Polish offers, texts, articles and books – we prepare books for printing as well as format them as e-books for publishing online. We encourage the author of the texts to closely cooperate with us, so we can ensure that our translation conveys the meaning in the best possible way.

We provide quality translations by adhering to a strict translation process, which involves proofreading by native speakers of the language. In our proofreading process we not only use a spellchecker but read the text multiple times to make sure that potential errors which the spellchecker would not find are eliminated – these could be words written as other words which exist, or words in a different grammatical form.

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Translating is the ultimate act of comprehending.

Alberto Manguel