July 29, 2016


We offer editing, revision and proofreading – in terms of content, correct use of language and style.

We offer linguistic consultations, which can aid you in creating best academic articles and dissertations, improving your CV, cover letters as well as providing your employees with information concerning new company structure and marketing offers.

We specialize in editing and revision of English and Polish academic texts, offers and various marketing publications. We can cooperate with you in the revision and editing process to get the most of your text and make sure it’s aligned with your needs. At the end of the process we generate a report of all changes made, to make them all easily accessible and visible. We also believe that revision is a process based upon close cooperation between the author and the reviewers, who try to bring out the best in the text, point out what is missing and suggest improvements.


I write by hand, making many, many corrections. I would say I cross out more than I write.

Italo Calvino