We have the experience and the knowledge

Theoretical knowledge

We are native speakers of Polish who studied linguistics, with a specialization in the English language and graduated with Masters’ Diplomas in English studies. Apart from this we attend workshops and e-courses to allow us to become better professionals and continuously improve our craft.

Practical knowledge

Apart from solid theoretical background in both Polish and English we have experience – we’ve translated movies, talks, manuals, documents and websites into Polish and English. One of our greatest assets is that we like it. We become experts in the field, if just for a moment and delve into business, marketing, astronomy and programming. Our greatest strength lies in the in-depth knowledge of the language, the experience gained and the knowledge what we know, and what we don’t know and have to check. Additonally, the fact we live in Poland, travel to English speaking countries and consume literature and media content in the languages we love helps us stay current and fresh in both Polish and English.

We have the translation know-how



Our areas of English and Polish expertise

Primary specializations

  • Business, Offers, Company
  • Social sciences
  • General, letters, casual, conversations
  • E-mails, newsletters, marketing
  • Education, schooling
  • Language and literature
  • Design, Web Design

Multimedia specializations

  • Internet: websites, online stores, portals
  • Video: film, TV shows, documentaries
  • Lectures: talks, conferences
  • Computers: Software, Games
  • Games: Video games, casino, online games
  • Animations: Products, Ads, Clips

Additional specializations

  • Public Relations
  • HR
  • Psychology / Sociology
  • Biology
  • Astronomy
  • Environment
  • Arts


  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • International organizations
  • Economics
  • Finance (general)
  • History
  • Health