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Apart from providing Polish translation services we can also create a design for your English or Polish offers, texts, articles and books – we prepare books for printing as well as format them as e-books.


We create and translate subtitles for video spots, lectures, talks, films, series and all other video recordings which are aligned with industry best practices.


We translate websites, e-commerce sites, games and software. We are familiar with web programming, which is why we take up jobs requiring us to prepare websites and online stores for translation.


We offer editing, revision and proofreading of offers, catalogs, academic articles, presentations, reports – both in terms of content and correct use of language and style.

Copywriting & webwriting

We enjoy blogging. In addition to this, we manufacture informative texts and scripts for your offers, commercials, newsletters and websites which awaken curiosity and present new possibilities – all SEO optimized.

English classes focused on skills

We teach Business English via Skype or in person in Warsaw, with a strong focus on Business Skills such as Presenting, Negotiating and Networking Conversations.

English Conversations

Take conversational English lessons with a Native English speaker and learn in a relaxed manner, based on your interests. If you’re shy and lack confidence we can break the barrier with patience.

Creative Writing Workshops

Writing stories is an excellent way of improving knowledge of a foreign language. In addition to wrting and reading, by discussing your writing and ideas, you practice speaking and listening, while the art of storytelling is important for public speaking.

We offer full linguistic support - not just translation. We take into account your target group, your goals and come up with the best service for you.

About us

We are ambitious, we have the know-how and care about quality.
We're up for a challenge!

We are a group of linguists who love foreign languages. It's what gives us the passion to keep learning and deliver the best quality of work.

We've translated countless videos, documents, websites and we love doing it right. It's how we're in your shoes, even if for a moment, becoming marketing experts, movie producers or programmers.

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"I have worked with WWS on creating websites, offers, CRMs and other smaller projects. They have always delivered their owrk on time and I have never needed to correct anything. My clients are happy with their work, so our cooperation works great."

-- one of our clients

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